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Beginning of a journey

IMG_7303.JPG I like to focus more on the “Living well” than the “without gluten”, really.  But it’s probably worth mentioning how I into blogging about gluten free cooking, so here goes!

I guess my “journey” really began about three years ago when I decided to say “Screw the doctor, I know there’s a problem” and go gluten free.  I haven’t looked back since.  I guess I probably lose some gluten-free cred because I never did a gluten challenge and never got scoped and biopsied, but I think I’m ok with that.

The first steps of my journey were filled with horrible, dense, dry loaves of store-bought tapioca bread that was more like eating cardboard and sand than any bread I remember.  I remember taking my first bite and thinking to myself “This is it. This is the only bread I’ll ever be able to eat.”  My heart sank.  Luckily I was completely wrong.

I still have days where I would kill someone to have a Ring Ding, or where I get so frustrated with my coworkers bringing in donuts or cookies or muffins or pie or cake or whatever-else-it-is-that-I-can’t-eat that I could cry, but those days are few and far between now.

Now I wear the armor of knowledge that gluten free doesn’t need to mean eating boring food.  I hope you’ll accompany me on this “journey” so we can learn from each other, because I still have a heck of a lot to learn.  Let’s make deal first, though: Let’s never eat that disgusting, crumbly bread again, ok?

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