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Hooray for fresh, local food!

Red Fire Farm

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I can’t deny it anymore: I’m pretty much a hippie. I’m ok with that.

Seeing as we live in an apartment in the most densely populated community in New England, we won’t be growing a garden anytime soon.  So we’ve done the next best thing: joined CSAs.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is an excellent way to support local farms while getting fresher food.  You buy shares in the farm, and are delivered a portion of the crops/meat/eggs/etc. on a regular basis.

We’re still waiting to here about whether we’ll make it off the wait list and into the next distribution(starting in June) for our meat CSA at Chestnut Farms in Hardwick, MA.  We just signed up for a vegetables, fruits, and eggs CSA at Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA.  I’m so excited about this I can barely contain myself!

Here’s to having fresh, local food!  We’re gonna have to learn how to can.

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