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Posts from ‘June, 2010’

Adventures in canning

I’ve never canned anything before, but I got it in my head that when we got our strawberries this week, I should make jam. So I did.  🙂 First off: ZOMG strawberries. They were really, really good.  See?

In a pickle…

I made pickles today!  We had a lot of dill left over, so it seemed only right to make pickles.  I didn’t really want to brine and ferment them, so I went with a refrigerator pickles recipe on the Red Fire Farm website.  I doubled the recipe and made the pickles in quart jars. It […]

Quickie: Dinner

So, we got a lot of food from our CSAs recently and managed to use some of this today for dinner.  Here’s what we used. From Chestnut Farms: Smoked garlic and herb chicken breast From Red Fire Farm: Kohlrabi Spinach Scallions Oregano

Wait… I actually like turnips?

I’ve always hated turnips.  Even the smell would make me gag, nevermind the taste.  And for as long as I’ve hated turnips, my family has teased me about it.  My mom makes the joke every Thanksgiving that she made sure to make turnips for me. So you can imagine my lack of excitement when I […]

Summer in a tiny, red package

Strawberries, wonderful strawberries!  They’re the best part about summer; they’re summer in a tiny, red package.  I occasionally get them out of season simply because I miss them so much, and am sorely disappointed every time I do this. However!  They are very much in season now, and I am happy to say that I […]

A couple of uses for dill

One of the items we got in our first CSA share from Red Fire Farm was dill.  I haven’t really used fresh dill before, so I wasn’t sure what to make with it.  As I wanted to use at least some of the dill before I froze it, I started looking for suggestions. Someone suggested […]

“Mole” tacos!

After seeing one of my coworkers post pictures of tacos on Facebook (it’s kind of his thing), I got to craving them myself.  I don’t like using spice mixes for things like this, so I just threw in spices until I was happy with the flavor. I decided to add some chocolate to the mix, […]