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In a pickle…

Pickles!I made pickles today!  We had a lot of dill left over, so it seemed only right to make pickles.  I didn’t really want to brine and ferment them, so I went with a refrigerator pickles recipe on the Red Fire Farm website.  I doubled the recipe and made the pickles in quart jars. It was quick and easy, and we now have four jars of pickles sitting in the fridge. 🙂


  1. melissa says:

    If you ever get to the point where you’d like to can some in a water bath, I have a really yummy garlic dill recipe.

    1. karen says:

      I probably will try that in the future. I did use the rest of the green garlic and fresh dill in this one, but I’d be happy to keep the pickles for longer and not need fridge space for them. 🙂

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