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Peeling tomatoes

I always pictured peeling tomatoes as being this huge chore, and it’s prevented me from making sauce from scratch in the past.  After getting 4 pounds of tomatoes recently, I decided to go for it. And then promptly smacked myself for not doing this sooner.  It’s simplicity itself to peel tomatoes.

Dolmades, the update

The dolmades were AWESOME.  I baked some bread to go along with them, and served them with sour cream. See? 😀 Some of them exploded, I think I wrapped them too tightly.

Produce overload 1 – Pickles

What have I gotten myself into? 🙂 I recently placed a bulk order from Red Fire Farm for 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers, 20 pounds of green beans, garlic, grape leaves, and blueberries (I’ll be getting a flat of them – 12 pints!).  Good thing we have a lot of freezer space. Yesterday I made […]

In a pickle…

I made pickles today!  We had a lot of dill left over, so it seemed only right to make pickles.  I didn’t really want to brine and ferment them, so I went with a refrigerator pickles recipe on the Red Fire Farm website.  I doubled the recipe and made the pickles in quart jars. It […]

Quickie: Dinner

So, we got a lot of food from our CSAs recently and managed to use some of this today for dinner.  Here’s what we used. From Chestnut Farms: Smoked garlic and herb chicken breast From Red Fire Farm: Kohlrabi Spinach Scallions Oregano

So… if you have a sourdough starter, don’t forget about it for a few days

Today I found out what happens when you forget about a sourdough starter for a few days.

Sourdough bread = Great success!

The sourdough came out awesome. Well, I don’t really like olives, but I have it on good authority that it’s good (the hubby has eaten half the loaf on his own). 😀

Sourdough a-rising

I’ve got my first batch of gluten-free sourdough bread rising in the kitchen. The starter is brown rice flour, and the bread recipe is from HBin5, made as a rosemary, olive, and feta sourdough inspired by Gluten Free Girl (modified by omitting part of the flour and water that is replaced by the starter)… hopefully […]

Onion bread (sort of)

I made “onion bread” from the second section of the gluten free crusty boule dough I made the other day (the other two sections are in the freezer).  Since I didn’t have an onion in the house, I rehydrated some dried minced onion I had in the cabinet in warm water for about an hour […]

Hooray for fresh, local food!

I can’t deny it anymore: I’m pretty much a hippie. I’m ok with that. Seeing as we live in an apartment in the most densely populated community in New England, we won’t be growing a garden anytime soon.  So we’ve done the next best thing: joined CSAs. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is […]