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Another sourdough starter update

We walked into the apartment and immediately thought the cat had explosive diarrhea.  Turns out it was the sourdough starter.  Yeesh.  (I know, you were thinking you’d have a nice read of a food blog, and now I’ve just ensured that you’re no longer hungry. Think of it as a weight loss program.  You’re welcome!) […]

Sourdough starter update

So, an update on the sourdough starter: Well, it’s definitely bubbling.   It roughly doubled in size yesterday. That said, it smells TERRIBLE.  Seriously, it’s just awful.  It went from smelling like wet flour to wet dog.  From there it took a turn to Jersey Turnpike rest stop toilet, before finally settling on fresh vomit today. […]

Bread and crepes

I was a busy little bee today.  It was a lazy Saturday, so I took the opportunity to do a bit of baking. I decided to make another batch of the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day Gluten-Free Crusty Boule, since I neglected the first batch in the fridge and had to throw out […]

Beginning of a journey

I like to focus more on the “Living well” than the “without gluten”, really.  But it’s probably worth mentioning how I into blogging about gluten free cooking, so here goes! I guess my “journey” really began about three years ago when I decided to say “Screw the doctor, I know there’s a problem” and go […]