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We got 4 pounds of tomatoes with our CSA share recently, and I was determined to make tomato sauce from scratch.  It turned out to be quite a bit easier than I had expected, and ZOMG it was good! Nearly everything in this sauce was straight from Red Fire Farm.  It was nice to be […]

Sweet and Sassy Stuffed Peppers

I’ve been meaning to make stuffed peppers ever since we got some last week from Red Fire Farm.  We also got a pound of ground pork from Chestnut Farms, so I decided to put this to good use.  In deciding what to put in the peppers, I pretty much grabbed whatever we had in the […]

Vichyssoise (sort of)

I wanted to do two things:  use the potatoes we recently got in our Red Fire Farm CSA, and make a cold summer soup.  So I settled on making vichyssoise. Alas, I didn’t have any leeks, and since I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to go to the store, I decided that I didn’t […]


Oh man oh man oh man, I could not be more excited about food than I am right now. You see, I told you about my recent bulk order of produce, and one of the things I hinted at was that I got grape leaves (60 of them, to be exact).  I hinted that I’d […]

Blueberry sherbet

Since we’ve had so many blueberries recently, I made some blueberry sherbet.  I wanted something a little healthier than ice cream, so I opted for this.  It’s a little crystally, but tastes really great and has a simply gorgeous color.  See? The recipe is ridiculously simple.

Blueberry jam test run

Prior to getting my 12 pints of blueberries, I figured it was a good idea to do a test run.  I had a pint of blueberries from this week’s CSA share, so I put them to work.  After doing a bit of research, I decided to try a no-added-pectin recipe for jam, since blueberries have […]

Produce overload 1 – Pickles

What have I gotten myself into? 🙂 I recently placed a bulk order from Red Fire Farm for 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers, 20 pounds of green beans, garlic, grape leaves, and blueberries (I’ll be getting a flat of them – 12 pints!).  Good thing we have a lot of freezer space. Yesterday I made […]

Adventures in canning

I’ve never canned anything before, but I got it in my head that when we got our strawberries this week, I should make jam. So I did.  🙂 First off: ZOMG strawberries. They were really, really good.  See?

Wait… I actually like turnips?

I’ve always hated turnips.  Even the smell would make me gag, nevermind the taste.  And for as long as I’ve hated turnips, my family has teased me about it.  My mom makes the joke every Thanksgiving that she made sure to make turnips for me. So you can imagine my lack of excitement when I […]

Summer in a tiny, red package

Strawberries, wonderful strawberries!  They’re the best part about summer; they’re summer in a tiny, red package.  I occasionally get them out of season simply because I miss them so much, and am sorely disappointed every time I do this. However!  They are very much in season now, and I am happy to say that I […]