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Produce overload 1 – Pickles

What have I gotten myself into? 🙂 I recently placed a bulk order from Red Fire Farm for 20 pounds of pickling cucumbers, 20 pounds of green beans, garlic, grape leaves, and blueberries (I’ll be getting a flat of them – 12 pints!).  Good thing we have a lot of freezer space. Yesterday I made […]

In a pickle…

I made pickles today!  We had a lot of dill left over, so it seemed only right to make pickles.  I didn’t really want to brine and ferment them, so I went with a refrigerator pickles recipe on the Red Fire Farm website.  I doubled the recipe and made the pickles in quart jars. It […]

Chicken salad, yum!

I’ve been making chicken salad a lot recently.  It’s so easy to make, yet it’s such a great and versatile food.  We’ve had it as a main course, on sandwiches, and in savory crepes.  And you can make it in just about any variety you desire. The basic recipe is to take some cooked (and […]