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Chicken salad, yum!

I’ve been making chicken salad a lot recently.  It’s so easy to make, yet it’s such a great and versatile food.  We’ve had it as a main course, on sandwiches, and in savory crepes.  And you can make it in just about any variety you desire. The basic recipe is to take some cooked (and […]

Pancakes… with a twist!

I was trying to think of something to use my homemade yogurt in and decided that I should continue with the breakfast theme and make some pancakes.  At first I was thinking that I would make some sort of topping out of the yogurt, but then I saw this post at Tea and Food and […]

Breakfast from scratch

I’ve been playing around with making things from scratch lately.  I don’t like the idea of preservatives and artificial colors and flavors in my food, so it’s nice knowing exactly what’s going in there. My most recent foray was making yogurt.  It turns out it’s super easy to make, and you can make it in […]